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Unit 1 : Back to school.


   Period 3:                A. Friends   ( A2)


I. Objectives:

1.     Knowledge:By the end of this lesson, students will be able to understand the detail and revising simple present, comparisions, a lot of/many.

2.      Skills:reading, speaking.

3.      Attitude: Helps students to practice 2 skills, students can greet to each other.


II. Contents of languge:

1.     Vocabulary:

2.     Grammar: - Present simple tense.

            - Greetings.

III. Teaching aids:

1.     Teacher: book, tape, cassetle.

2.     Students:book, notebook, workbook .


IV. Procedure:



 Teacher’s activities

 Pupils activities


1.Warm up:

 - who’s absent today?

 - what’s the date today?

 - what’s your name?

 -what’s his/ her name?

2.     Presentation.

- You know that Hoa is a new student . can you guess sth. about her ?

-Show the Picture P11 and ask Ss

How many schools are there?

Which is bigger ?

Which is Hoa old school ?

- introduce : hong Ha is Hoa’s new school . It’s bigger than her old school .

- Teach some new word :

-Have Ss repeat the present simple tense

-Repeat coparatives

             Quanlity with “ a lot of , many ”

2.While –reading ( 13’ )

Ask ss to look at the text ,listen to the tape and answer the qs

Play the tape twice

-Have ss  read the text and answer the qs

-call some ss ask and answer

Observe and give feedback

3. Post –reading ( 2’ )

Ask Ss to talk about their primary school

III- Listening (12’ )

-Show the picture and ask Ss

Who are they in the picture ?

What are they doing ?

-guide Ss : look at the 4 pictures , you’ll hear 4 con. Listen and write the letters of the dialogues in the right order you hear

Have Ss listen again and correct

Iv-Consolidation and Hw ;

Have Ss repeat what they have learnt

-Hw : + do ex. 1-4 P 3-4

          + Prepare B1.2



 Listen and answer

Look and answer



Read , understand and copy






Repeat and copy


Repeat and copy

Look and listen



Read and answer










Look and answer




Give the aswer









Unit 1( go on)

Period 3. A. Friends

( A2)

I. The text.

1.New words:

-be in (v) học ở lớp

-still(adv) vẫn, vẫn còn

-different from –the same …

Happy- unhappy.

-to miss(v)















2. Answer key.


a. She is from Hue.

b. She is staying with her uncle and aunt.

c. No she doesn’t.

d. Her new school is bigger than her old school.

e. She’s unhappy because she misses her parents and friends .











5. Homework:

-Do ex 3,4 ( page 4)


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