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Unit 1 : Back to school.


Period 4: A. Friend (A3,4,5 )


I. Objectives:

1.     Knowledge:By the end of the lesson, student will be able to geet people and introduce each other .

2.     Skills:Listening, reading, speaking.

3.     Attitude:Helps students to know the way of greeting and to tell about the others.


II. Contents of languge:

1.     Vocabulary:     nice, so, too.

2.     Grammar:     - Present simple tense.

              - Comparatives.

III. Teaching aids:

1.     Teacher: book, tape, cassetle.

2.     Students: book, notebook.


IV. Procedure:

Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities


1.     Warm up:

 - who’s absent today?

 - what’s the date today?

 - what’s your name?

 -what’s his/ her name?

2. Presentation:


-Ask them to open the book, page 10.


Look at the pictures and listen to the tape, please.


-Repeat, please.


Explain: infinitives after adj.

-Who can read the dialogue?

-Who can ask and answer?


* Introduce the text.

-Listen to the tape, please.

-Who can read the text,please?

-Who can ask and answer?

-Give answer key.

-Who can practice again?




–Look at the dialogue, page 12.

–Who can read?

–Now you prctice freely.

–Who can ask / answer.

-Who can talk again ?

4. Remember.

-Who can repeat the main contents?

 - Who can practice ?


Write down on the board.



 -Pupils answer.






-Open the book.



-Look at the picture and

listen to the tape .




-Read in chorus.



-Practice in pairs.







-Some students read


-Work in pairs


-Practice again


-Look at the dialogue


-Work in pairs


-Practice in pairs

-Talk with each other,

-Some students repeat.

-Practice again

- Write down.

Unit 1: Back to school.

Period 4: A. Friends (



A3.Listen.Then practice with a partner.

See you later.

A4.Listen.Complete these dialogues.

Answer key

a)-How are you?

   -Pretty good

   -How about you?

   -Not bad


b)-How is everything?


   -How are you today?

   -Just fine

   -So am I.

A5.Listen.Write the letters of dialogues in the order you hear.

Answer key

  1.c   2.b   3.d   4.a


-Learn by heart new words

-Read the text again.

-Do ex 1,2 –page 3,4.



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