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Unit 1 : Back to school.


                Period 5:   B. Names and addresses ( B1, 2 )


I. Objectives:

1.Knowledge: After finishing the lesson, student will be able to ask for and give personal informations.

2.Skills: Listening, reading, speaking.writing

3.Attitude: Students can ask for and give personal information.


II. Contents of languge:

1.     Vocabulary: middle name, family name…………………..

2.     Grammar: - Present simple tense.


III. Teaching aids:

1.     Teacher: book, tape, cassetle.

2.     students: book, notebook.


IV. Procedure:


Teacher’s activities

Students activities


1.Warm up:

- Who’s asbent today?

- What’s the date today?

-What is your full name?

-Where do you live ?



Look at the picture and answer my question.

-Who are in the picture ?


-Where are they ?

-Listen to the tape, then you can answer the Q.

“What are they talking?”

-Who can read, please ?

-Now you answer the questions.

-Who can ask /answer?

Give answer key.

* Write:

-Who can repeat the question that you have learnt?

-Now you complete the dialogue, please.

-Who can complete?

-Give answer key.

-Who can practice again ?



–Who can answer my question.

-What’s your name?

-How old are you?

-Where do you live ?

-Who do you live with?

-What’s her/his name?


-Who can ask / answer.


* Remember.


-Who can repeat the mian contents ?


*. Homework

-Write on the board.







-look at answer.


-They’re teacher and students.

-they’re in class.

-listen to the tape.



-work in pairs

-Students do in study card  (4’)

-Practice in pairs

-Check –correct



-Some students repeat.

What /where/ how/ who….


-Students do in 2 minutes


-Work in pairs


Practice in pairs.



-Listen –answer


My name’s……………


I live………………….

I live with………………

Her / His name…………


-Practice in pairs




Some students repeat




Write down

Unit 1 (go on)


Period 5:B. Names and addresses ( B1,2  )


1. The dialogue.


a. New words.


Full name: (n)

Family name:/ surname / last name :Họ

First name: (n) Tên gọi

Middle name (n) Đệm


b. Answer key.

a. She’s talking to Miss Lien

b. Her family name’s Pham

c. Her middle name’s Thi

d. She lves at 12 Tran Hung Dao street.




Who / what / where / when / which / how / why.


2. who

3. which / what

4. where

5. where

6. how




(Practice freely)



4. Remember.


-The simple /progressive / present tenses.






Do exercises 1,2 (page 5 )





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