Giáo án Test correction trong tiếng anh lớp 7

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Test correction.

Giáo án tiết 25

I.Objectives :

      After the lesson, Ss will be able to know about the common mistakes and their knowledge , from that they will know how to improve their knowledge of English.


II. Preparation :

        Test papers, chalk, board.

III.Teaching process :

1.Class organization:




2.Oral test:   Read B6 then answer T/F.


3.New lesson:


 Correcting the test

                            T,s activities


A. Warm up :

        - Greetings.

        - Hang man:     - - - - - - - - -

                                    (cafeteria) .

                       - - - - -(snacks)


-Deliver the tests to the Ss

-Correct the test

-Remark the bad and the good of the tests: some Ss do the test well: Thuan, Tran Hoa,Thao(7A); Nguyen Nam ,Le Lai, Van Quynh, Dat(7C).

some Ss do the test badly, they need to work harder: Hoa , Thieu Mai(7C) :Cho, Ly, Oanh, Dung,Thieu Mai,Hoa,Van Thanh,Tung(7B).

-Common mistakes:

+Grammar:future tense,comparative,exclamative sentences.

+vocabulary:take care of .

-Repeat the main knowledge:

future tense in affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences; advs are used in the future tense.

-Prepositions of time :on ,at ,in.

-Exclamatory sentences:

+What +adj+ a/an + countable noun!

+ what +adj+ plural / uncountable noun!

-question words: who ,what, where, how, why, .....


+comparative: short adj +er

                        more + long adj

+ superative: the + short adj+est

                     the+ most+ long adj

special cases: 

                good=>better=>the best


                bad=> worse=> the worst

                little=> less=> the least

                far=> farther=> the farthest

                    => further=>the furthest


-Play the games







-Receive the test

-listen to the teacher carefully














-Write down ,give examples



    - Review the main knowledge.

5. Homework:

   - Do the test again .  

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