Giáo án written test 2 trong tiếng anh lớp 7

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Written test 2


Giáo án tiết 38

I.Objectives :

      Check Ss, knowledge about :present progressive tense,demonstrative adjectives, suggestions,vocabularies  about subjects at school and activities at recess and after school.

      Check skills:reading ,writing and listening.

Educate Ss to love English more.

II. Preparation:

III. Teaching process

1. Classorganization

2. Oraltest:     No

3. Newlesson: Questions.                                    


Phần 1: Trắc nghiệm       (4 điểm )

I. Chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất

 1         We……. in class 7A

            a. am                           b. is                             c. are                           d. be

 2           Her birthday is on the………… of June

            a. twelve                    b. twelveth                 c. twelfth                    d. twelf

 3         How ……… is it from your house to school ?

            a. long                        b. far                           c. old                          d. how far

 4        Hoa ……..with us to the museum next week.

            a. won’t                      b. won’t  go               c. won’t goes             d. doesn’t go

 5         What …. awful restaurant !

            a. an                            b. a                              c. some                       d. any

 6         Houses in the city are…….. than houses in the country

            a. expensive               b.more expensive   c. expensiver                         d. the most expensive

 7         They ……. English at the moment.

            a. study                      b. are studying          c. to study                  d. studying

  8        What time …. Trung … music class?

            a. does/ have            b. is/ has                     c. do/have                  d. are/ have

  9        In…, we study past and present events in Viet Nam and around the world.

            a. Histoty                   b. Geography            c. English                   d. Physics

 10:     How…. do you study in the library after school?

                        I always study in the library.

            a. old                          b. often                       c. far                           d. long

 11:  She .............  to school tomorrow.

a. goes                        b. go                            c. will go                                d will goes

12:   ............. is it from your house to school ?- It is about 2km.

a. How many             b. How old                 c. How much                         d. How far

 13:   What ...... interesting movie !

a. a                              b. an                            c. the                                       d. one

14:  Let`s ............ swimming in the early morning .

a. going                      b. to go                       c. is going                              d. go

 15:  Would you like ........ . volleyball with us ?

a. to play                                   c.playing                                d. is playing

16:  In ........... class, we study the past and present events in Viet Nam and around the world .

a. Physics                               b. History                   c. Geography                                     d. Biology



Bài 1 :

(2 điểm). Chia động từ trong ngoặc


Where is your sister ?  She ………( sit) in her class.


 We often ……..( have) lunch at 11.30


My mother …………(visit ) my grandmother tomorrow


I……….( walk) to school  everyday

Bài 2 :

(2 điểm). Sắp xếp lại các từ sau để thành câu có ý nghĩa


are / about/ they/ class/ their/ talking .



 go/ have/ drink/ let’s/ to/ a / canteen/ the/ and.



video games / some / play / Let’s / .



a / living room / lovely/ what / ! /


Bài 3 :

(2điểm) .Đọc đoạn văn. Viết T trước câu trả lời đúng và F trước câu trả lời sai



              There are two main kinds of sports : team sports and individual sports . Team sports are such sports as baseball , basketball and volleyball . Team sports require two separate teams . The teams play against each other . They compete against each  other  in order to get the best score. For example , in a basketball game , if team A gets 7 points and team B gets 3 points , team A wins the game . Team sports are somtines called competive  sports.

1.……….  Team sports and individual sports are two main kinds of sports.

2………...  Baseball ,basketball and volleyball are individual sports.

3………… To get the best score, the two teams have to compete against each other.

4…………  Competive sports are sometimes called team sports.


                                                        THE END



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