Period 1 Review and check trong tiếng anh lớp 7

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Period 1: Review and check

Bài 1: Ôn tập và kiểm tra


I. Objectives:

- By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to get further practice in Present Simple and Progressive, Comparatives, Superlatives, Quantifiers class 6

1. Knowledge:

* Structures:

Present Simple and Progressive:

He speaks English and French.

          She is staying in Hanoi now.

Comparatives and Superlatives:

The Amazon River is longer than the Mekong.

The Nile is the longest river in the world.


There is a lot of traffic.


* Vocabulary:  review

2.Skills:  speaking, reading and writing skills.

3.Attitude:Helps students to know the way of greeting and to tell about the others.

II. Teaching aids:

1, Teacher's:text book, teacher’s book, sub-boards, pictures, cues.

2, Students': text book, note book, chalks, pens.

III. Procedures:

1, Checking upwhile teaching new lesson.

2New lesson(42ms):


Teacher’s activities

Students’s  activities

The content of the lesson

* Warm – up:  Network.







- asks Ss to gives examples using the countries and languages.











- gives feedback.

* Activity 1: Present Simple Tense

- retells grammar (quickly).

- asks Ss to do the exercise 1 (P. 174).


- gives feedback.

* Activity 2: Present Simple Tense and present progressive tense

- explains the exercise 2 (P.174).

- gives the map dialogue. (sub-board)

- gives feedback.

* Activity 3: adjectives:

           comprarative and superlative

- asks Ss to retell grammar.

- gives the table and asks Ss to do the exercise.

- gives feedback.

- asks Ss to based on the table to do the exercise 3 (P. 175)

- gives feedback.











* Activity4:  indefinite quantifiers

- asks Ss to give the uses, the meaning of a lot, lots, a few, a little.


- gives feeback. (grammar sub-board)

- explains the exercies 4 (P. 175).


- gives feeback.







England-English               China-Chinese


















a. Do - speak ; don't ; speak

b. speaks                                 

c. speaks Chinese.                            

d. speaks Japanese.                          

e. speaks Vietnamese.             

f. speaks English.




a. is                                b. lives

c. is - is staying               d. is

e. does - teaches            

f. does - teach ; doesn't ; teaches.


































a. longer - the longest

b. the longest.

c. the tallest - taller - the tallest.

d. biggest - bigger - the biggest - the biggest.


Uses of quantifiers:

some / a lot of / a few + DT đếm được

some / a lot of / a little + DT không đếm được.


3. Consolidation(2ms):

            - Reminds the structures which have just learnt.

4. Homework:(1m)

            + Learn the lesson well. 

            + Do the exercises in the exercise book

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