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Language focus 2


Giáo án tiết 37


          Help Ss to review the know ledge which have been learnt from unit 4 to unit 6 such as : The present continuons tense , time and subjects at school,way of using : this/that/these/those,advs of frequency, way of making sugesstion.


       Textbook , sub_board

III. Teaching process:

1. Class organization:

2.Oral test: Make invitation  with :Would you like?.then answer.

3. Newlesson



A. Warm up :


_Have Ss play a game

                       Mini game

+ Brainstorm the activities at recess

+ Call on some of the students to present in front of the class

+ Ask Ss to make sentences about th activities using the present continuous tense


B. New lesson

   1/ Present proguessive tense

_Ask Ss to give the form and use of the present continous tense

_Have Ss make sentences

_Ask Ss to do exercise 1

_Have Ss exchange the result with their partners

_Call on some Ss to give their answers

_Correct & give the correct answers:

 doing, is writing, is reading, is cooking, are playing , is kicking, running

    2. This and that, these and those

_Ask Ss to give the use of this, that, these, those

_Ask them to look at the pictures carefully and complete the dialogue

_Call on some Ss to do exercise in front of the class

_Correct & give the correct answers:

b/ Put this bag away

That isn’t my bag ,mum

This is my bag

c/ Put those dirty socks (on the bed) in the washing basket. These socks ?

No, those socks on the bed

d/ Throw away those comics

But, I like these comics,mom

 3. Time

_Ask Ss to look at the clocks in the book then call the time

_Have Ss complete the dialogues in the books

_Ask them to work in pairs

_Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class

_Correct the mistakes:

b.a quarter past seven        c. ten thirty

d. a quarter to seven

  4. Vocabulary : Subject

_Ask Ss to look at 6 pictures in the books and call the correct aubject names

_Have some Ss to give the subject names in front of the class

_Correct the mistakes & give the correct answers

a/ Physical education         b/ Chemistry

c/ Math                              d/ Geography

e/ English                          f/ History

 .5 Adverbs of frequency

-Give examples ,ask Ss to repeat the use of advs of frequency.

_Have Ss look at the table and ask them to write sentences about Ba, using adverbs of frequency

_Make example :

Ba never goes to the cafeteria at lunch time

_Askk Ss to write four sentences about Ba

_Have Ss exchange the results with their friends

_Call on som Ss to gieve the answers aloud

_Correct and give the correct answers

+ Ba seldom rides a bike to school

+ Ba always practices the guitar after school

+ Ba usually does his home work in the evening

+ Ba sometimes plays computer games

 6 . Making suggestions :

_Give examples ,ask Ss to repeat the structures

_Have Ss look at the table

_Ask them to read the short dialogues

_Have Ss make similar dialogues using given words or phrases

_Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class


_Correct the mistakes if necessary

*Furthes practice :

_Have Ss do exercise :

I/ Complete the sentences with the suitable words or phrases

1/ ___don’t you come to my house ? Ok.

Let’s go (Why/let’s/what )

2/ What about __Halong Bay ? (tovisit / visit / visitting )

3/ Would you like __badminton ?

(play / to play / playing )

4/ Children should __to bed early

(go/ to go / going )
5/ That’s a good__? Let’s go to the beach

(Thinking/ answer / idea )

II/ Do as directed in the brackets

1.     He goes to the library three times a week < make questions>

2.     They will visit their grand parents to night (change into negative form)

3.     What do you usually do after school ? (answer the questions ?

4.     We play soccer (make a suggestion )

_Corerct the mistakes


_play a  game


+ In pairs , Ss discuss the activities to each other

+ Present to each other

+ Present in front of the class

Make some sentences



_Give the form and use

+ S + am/is/are + Ving

 - S + am /is/are + not + Ving ?

  ? Am/is/are + S + Ving

Use : It is used to express an action which is happening at the time at present

_Make sentences

We are learning E now

He is reading a book

_Do exercise 1

_Exchange the results


_Give the answers

_Copy down

_Give the use


_Look at the pictures and complete the dialogue

_Do exercise


_Copy down










_Look at the clocks and call the time

_complete the dialogues

_Wor in pairs

_Practice in front of the class





_Look at the pictures and call the correct names

_Give the subject names


_Copy down






-Repeat the use of advs of frequency


_Look at the table and write sentences about Ba


_Write 4 sentences about Ba

_Exchange the results

_Give the answers

_Copy down








- Giva examples,repeat the structures

_Look at the table

_Read dialogues

_Make dialogues in pairs


_Practice in front of the class

S1 : Let’s play volleyball

S2 : Ok

S1 : Would you like to watch movies ?

S2 : I’ d love to



_Do exercise



Go to the board and do






Go to the board and write down

4. Consolidation:  

       Repeat main knowledge

5. Homework

      _Review from unit 4 to unit6 ,do test yourself 2, prepare written test2.


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