UNIT 2 PERSONAL INFORMATION P2 giáo án tiếng anh 7

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Lesson 2: A . ( 4,5)

I. Objectives:

           After the lesson, Ss will be able to know how to ask and answer about the  other,s telephone number,  talk about sure events in the future by using“ Will” positive statements and “ Wh” questions.

Ss get :*Vocabulary:

             - To meet ( v )                -  Free ( adj )            - Where will we meet?

             - Let’s meet at…….      - Would you like to? - Don’t be late.

             - To see a movie                                                                          

            * Future tense:

                      S + will + V .

                      S + will not + V

                     Will + S + V

II. Prepration:

        Textbook, tape, cassette, sub-board.

III. Teaching process:

1.Class organization:




2.Oral test: Teacher gives some telephone numbers ,ss read:

0888700800, 02323822678,0210686078, 0916555 679, 0911151368.

3.New lesson:

            T’s Activities

Ss’ Activities

A. Warm up:

- Greetings.

- Have Ss play a game; Jumbled words



- Call on some Ss to go to the board and write.

- Remark and give marks.

B.New lesson:



-present new words:

+to call

+what is your telephone number?

-Turn on the tape,ask Ss to listen to the tape .

-Ask Ss to work in pair to read the dialogue , then ask some pairs to read in front of the class.


-Ask Ss to work in pair  to complete the table in text book  P20.

A4.Listen and read .Then answer the questions.

* Presentation:

- Have Ss look at the picture and ask them to guess the talk.

- Introduce some new words and structures:

+ Would you like to + V ?

Would you like to see a movie?

+ Where will we meet?

+ Let’s meet at 6:45

+ Don’t be late.

·        Future tense:


(+) S + Will + V .

(-) S + will not + V .

(?) Will + S + V ?

EX: She will go to Hanoi tomorrow.

I will not play soccer this afternoon.

Will you buy a new book ?

use: for an action will happen in the future.

advs: tomorrow,next, (week, month)

in /on time (in future) eg:at 7.00tomorrow.

- Ask Ss to make sentences based on the models.

*. Practice

- Play the tape for Ss.

- Have Ss read the dialogue in pairs.

- Call on some pairs to roleplay the dialogue in front of the class.

- Correct the pronunciation.

- Ask Ss to look at the questions then work in pairs .

- Call on some pairs to ask and answer in front of the class.

- Correct the mistakes and give the correct answers:

a. Phong and Tam will.

b. They will see a movie.

c. They will meet at 6:45

d.They will meet in front of the movie theater.


- Give some cues then ask Ss to practice.

+ Where / meet / on the street.

+ What time/ meet / 7:00

+ What / see / a movie.

+ How / go / bike.

EX: Where will we meet?

We’ll meet on the street.

- Have Ss work in pairs .

- Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class.

- Correct the mistake.



- Greetings.

- Play a game



- Go to the board and write.





- write down



-Listen to the tape

- Work in pair



- Work in pair




- Look at the picture and guess.


- Listen and write.












- Make sentences.







- Listen to the tape.

- Work in pairs.

- Practice in front of the class.



- Work in pairs.


- Ask and answer in front of the class.

- Write down.














- Work in pairs.

- Practice in front of the class




4. consolidation:Simple future tense.

5. Homework.

- Do exercise 1,2 at page 8 in workbook.

- Prepare A6,7.

*Adjustment: ………………………………………………………………………………


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