UNIT 2 PERSONAL INFORMATION P5 giáo án tiếng anh 7

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Lesson 5:B ( 4,5)

I. Objectives :

        After the lesson , Ss will be able to ask and answer about months, the date of birth fluently and they continue to practice the simple future tense.

       Ss get:

1. Vocabulary:

            - Nervous                             - To worry

            - Worried                              months of a year

2. Grammar :

           The simple future.


         Textbook, pictures, sub- board

III.Teaching process:

1.Class organization:




2.Oral test: Teacher read ordinal number,Ss write on the board.

3.New lesson:


T’s Activities

Ss’ Activities

A. Warm up :

- Greetings .

-Have Ss play a game called Lucky numbers.

1) What’s your family name?

2) How old are you?

3) LN

4) What’s your address?

5) What’s your telephone number?

6) What’s your date of birth?

7) LN

8) Who do you live with?

9) How old will you be on your next birthday?

10) LN

-Remark and lead in new lesson.

*B.New lesson:

* Pre reading:

B3. Write the months in order from first to twelfth.

- Ask Ss some questions such as:

How many months are there in a year?

- Have Ss do exercise : Matching

   January                                Tháng 10

   February                              Tháng 7

   March                                  Tháng 5

   April                                    Tháng 12

   May                                     Tháng 1

   June                                     Tháng 4

   July                                      Tháng 9

   August                                 Tháng 2

   September                            Tháng 6

   October                                Tháng 11

  November                             Tháng 3

   December                             Tháng 8

- Ask Ss to do exercise individually.

- Have Ss exchange the result with the partner.


- Call on some Ss to give the answers in front of the class.

- Correct and ask Ss to read aloud .

- Have Ss write down.

B4. Listen. Then practice with a partner.

- Ask Ss to look at the picture about Mr Tan and Hoa . Then Ask Ss to guess what Mr Tan is asking Hoa.

- Call on some Ss to answer.

- Explain some new words:

+ Nervous ( adj) :

+ To worry(v)  :

+ Worried ( adj ) :

-Model sentence:

+What is your date of birth?=When is your birthday?It is on June 8th.


+at + hour /christmas/Easter/ night/weekend/the eight of 14 /14.

+on monday/on monday morning

+in month/ year/season / millenium/the morning....

+8th june=June 8th=the eighth of June =June the eighth

- Have Ss read in chorus and individually.

 Check new words by playing What and where.


- Play the tape for Ss to listen again.

- Have Ss read the dialogue in pairs.

- Call on some pairs to read in front of the class.

-Correct their pronunciation.

*While reading:

- Ask Ss to look at the questions and work in pairs.

- Call on some pairs to practice asking and answering in front of the class.

- Call on one studnent to go to the board and write the answers.

-Correct and ask Ss to copy down.

a.     She is 13 years old.

b.     She will be 14 on her next birthday.

c.      It is on june 8th.

d.     She lives with her uncle and aunt.

e.      She is worried because She doesn,t have any  friends

* Post reading: About you:

- Ask a student some questions in the part about you.

- Have Ss work in pairs .

- Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class.


- Greetings.

- Play a game in 2 groups.















- Answer T’s question.


- Do exercise.













-Do the exercise individually

-Exchange the  result with the partner.

-Give the answer in front of the class


-Write down


- Look at the picture and guess.



- Answer.

-Copy down














-Read in chorus and individually.

- Play a game.

- Listen to the tape.

- Work in pairs.

- Practice reading in front of the class.


- Work in pairs.

- Practice in front of the class.


- Write the answers on the board.


- Copy down.








-Answer T’s questions.


- Work in pairs.

- Practice in front of the class.


4. Consolidation

- Have Ss work in pairs to ask the partner about name,date of birth ,address, telephone number,basing on the given dialogue.

5. Homework:

- Learn by heart new words .

- Do exerciseB. 4, 5 at page 11 in workbook.

- Prepare part B6,7,8,9

*Adjustment: ………………………………………………………………………………


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