UNIT 3: AT HOME P2 giáo án tiếng anh 7

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Lesson 2 : A  (2,3,4)


        After the lesson, Ss will review vocabularies about the things in the house and prepositions of position, using structures : There is…../ There are…..

       Ss review :  - vocabularies about the things in the house.

                        - Prepositions.


          Textbook, pictures, sub-board.

III. Teaching process :

1.Class organization:




2.Oral test:Read A1 then answer the questionsP30.

3.New lesson:

T’s Activities

Ss’ Activities

A. Warm up :

- Greetings.

- Have Ss play a game:Noghts and crosses

- Ask Ss make exclamations.

- Remark.

B. New lesson:

A3. Look at the picture . Then practice with a partner.


-Give new words: closet(n),point(v).

-Give structures:( +)What is in the picture?

                          Thereis a/an.......

                          Thereare some.....

(+)Is there a/an........?  Yes,there is /No, thereisn,t.

 where is it?   It is on/ under.....

(+)Are there any........? Yes, there are/No ,there aren,t.

where are they?  They are on/ under.....

* Practice

a. Point and say:

-Ask Ss to look at the picture carefully and tell the things in the picture, using  the model sentences:

 What is in the  picture?there is/ there are…

- Call on some Ss to say the things in the picture aloud.

- Correct the mistakes.

- Have Ss write on the notebook.

b. Ask and answer.

- Have Ss practice in pairs asking and answering the things in the picture and using the words in the box.

- Ex: Is there a bookshelf?

        Yes, there is.

         Where is it?

         It is on the wall.

- Have Ss work in pairs.

- Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class.

- Correct the mistake if necessary.

- Ask Ss to write down.

* Production:Ss ask and answer about the things in the class.

- Greetings.

- Play a game in 2 groups.

- Making sentences.











- Write lesson.



-Write down











- Look at the picture and work in pair


- Say the things in the picture.



- Write down.


- Work in pairs.


- Listen.




- Work in pairs.

- Practice in front of the class.


- Write down.


4. Consolidation

- Ask Ss to look at the remember and read.

- Call on some Ss to read aloud.

- Ask Ss to make sentences with them.

5. Homework:

- Make sentences with remember.

- Do exercise A 3,4 at page 14,15 in workbook.

- Prepare B1,2.

*Adjustment: ………………………………………………………………………………

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