UNIT 4 : AT SCHOOL P2 schedules giáo án tiếng anh 7

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Lesson 2: A . ( 4-5)

Tiết 21

I. Objectives:

       By the end of the lesson, Ss can speak to each other about the schedule ,practice the present continuous tense and review vocabulary about subjects at school.


         Textbook, pictures, tape, cassette, sub-board.

III. Teaching process:

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test: Do A1:b,c,d,eP21 ; Do A2P21 in work book.

3.New lesson:


Teacher’s Activities

Students’ Activities

A. Warm up:

- Greetings.

- Have Ss play a game: Networks


- Call on 2 Ss from 2 groups to go to the board and write down.

- Remark.

B.New lesson:

A3. Listen and write. Complete the schedule.

*Pre listening

-Ask Ss to look at the schedule then explain the aim of the exercise.

-Give new words:

Math(n)           Music(n)       History(n)

schedule(n)      Physics(n)    Physical Education(n)

- Have Ss guess the missing subjects and time.

-Call on some Ss to give their prediction.

*While listening:

-Ask Ss to listen to the tape and check their prediction.

- Play the tape again and ask Ss to write the missing subjects and time.

- Have Ss exchange the results with the partners.

- Play the tape again for Ss to check the results.

- Ask Ss to give the answers.

- Correct and give the correct answer.

- Ask Ss to copy down.



  7:00           7:50           8:40        9:40         10:30

English    Georaphy     Music     Physics      History


1:00                            2:40         3:40              4:30

Physical education    Math      English        Physics

* Post listening

- Have Ss work in pairs asking and answering the time of the subjects on Friday and Saturday .

EX: What time do they have English on Friday ?

They have English at 7:00

- Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class.

- Correct the mistakes if necessary.

A4. Look at the pictures. Ask and answer questions

* Presentation

-Ask Ss to look at 6 pictures carefully and call the names of these subjects

- Call on some students to speak about the pictures

- Correc and give the correct answers

+ Physics           + music

+ Geography     + math

+ English           + Physical education

- Have Ss look at the clocks and tell the time

- Have Ss work in pairs asking and answering about these people

- Make model with a student

T : What is lan studying ?

S : She is studyng physics

T : What time does Lan/she have her physics class ?

S : She has her physics class at 8:40

* Practice

- Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class

- Correct if necessary

-Ask Ss to write into the notebooks.


Ss work in pairs,ask and answer  about themselves, basing on the models.


- Greetings.

- Play a game in 2 groups.



- Go to the board and write.






-Write down



- Guess.

- Give the prediction.


- Listen to the tape and check.


- Listen to the tape and write.


- Exchange the results.

- Listen again and check.

- Give the answer.

-Listen and write.












- Work in pairs.




- Practice in front of the class.




- Look at the picture crafully




- Speaks about the pictures





- Tell the time of each clock

- Work in pairs



- Listen carefully



- Practice in front of the class


- Write down.


- Work in pair

4. Consolidation:

- Repeat the subjects at school and structures:

When do we have……….?

What is your favorite subject?

5. Homework:

-Learn by heart new words and structures, do A3 P22in work book.

-Prepare A5,6

*Adjustment: ………………………………………………………………………………

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