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Unit 4: At school

Lesson 3 A (6-7) + Remember

Tiết 22

I. Objectives :

          By the end of the lesson , the students will be able to ask and answer about their schedule and speak about the difference between two persons or two things. The students will know about the difference between schools in the USA and Viet Nam. Practice reading skills for Ss.

          Ss get:

1. Vocabulary:

          - Uniform (n)                    - A 20-minute break (n)

          - Cafeteria (n)                   - Snack (n)

          - Popular (adj)                  - After - school activity (n)

2. Grammar

          Structure :When+ do/does +S+v?

                          Tobe different form….

          Reciew:  the present simple tense

II.Preparation :

          Text book , tape , cassette , sub-board

III.Teaching process :

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test:  Ss work in pair ,ask and answer about the pictures P43 in text book as examples.

3. New lesson:


                        T’s activities


A. Warm up

- Greetings

- Ask Ss some questions

+ How many classes do you have today ?

+ What are they ?

+ What is your favorite subject ?

+ When do you have English ?

+ What time do they start ?

àRemark and give marks

B.New lesson

B5. Listen and read

* Pre reading

- Introduce the dialogue to Ss

- Ask Ss some questions about their schedules

- Ask Ss to guess what subjects Hoa and Thu have on Thursday

-Call on some Ss to give the answers.

* While reading

- Ask Ss to look at the book and listen to the tape then check their guess

- Call on some Ss to give the answers

- Correct and give the correct answers:

English , math , geography, physical education, music.

- Play the tape for Ss then explain the structure

+ When do you have English ?

I have English classes on Wednesday and Thursday

+ What is your favorite subject ?

I like math.

+ I like English. I like it ,too.(“ too” describes an affirmative agreement)

- Have Ss work in pairs reading the dialogue

- Call on some pairs to read the dialogue in front of the class

-Correct their pronunciation

- Ask Ss to answer some questions about the dialogue

+ When does Thu have E classes ?

+ What time do they start ?

+ What orther classes does Thu have on Thursday ?

+ What ‘s Thu’s favorite subject ?

               Why ?

+ What ‘s Hoa’s favorite subject ?

               Why ?

-Correct the mistakes if necessary.

* post reading

- Have Ss write their scheducles in the notebooks

- Introduce some more subject to Ss

+ Civic education (n) : GDCD

+ Fine arts (n) : Mĩ thuật

+ Biology (n) : Sinh học

+ Chemistry (N) : Hóa học

+ Techmplogy (n) : Công nghệ

+ Elective subject : Môn tự chọn

- Ask Ss to work in pairs asking and answering about their schedule.


*Pre- reading :

- Ask Ss some questions in order to load in new lesson :

+ Which country has capital city as Washington DC ?

+ What do you think about the USA?

à“Today we ‘ll learn about schools in the USA , before reading the text I ‘ll explain some new words for you”

+ School uniform (n) : Đồng phục

+ A_20_minute break : Giờ giải lao

+ Cafeteria (n) : Quán ăn tự phục vụ

+ Snack (n) : Món ăn nhẹ

+ Popular (adj) >< unpopular

+ After_school activity : Hoạt động sau giờ học

* Checking technique:

           Rub out and remember

- Have Ss do exercise : True or False ( in the text book )

< using sub_board>

- Ask Ss to guess the information

- Call on some representatives to give their predicitions in front of the class

*While_reading :

- Ask Ss to look at the text and listen to the tape their check their predictions

- Call on some Ss to give their answers

- Correct on give the correct answers

 a: T       b : F        c : F        d : T        e : F          f : F

- Call on some Ss to read the text aloud.

Correct their pronuniation

*Post-reading :

- Ask Ss to discuss in groups about the difference between shools in the USA and school in Vnam

- Call on some represontatives to demonstrate their ideas


- Greetings.

-  Answer T’S questions

  I have…..

  They are…..

   I like…..

   I have……

  They start at …

- Listen.

- Answer the questions.

- Guess.

- Give the answers.

- Look at the books and listen to the tape.

- Give the answers.










- Work in pairs.

- Practice in front of the class.



- Answer the questions.










- Write schedules in the notebook.











-  Write new lesson

-  Answer T’s question

< The students can  answer their opinions in V Namese>



- Listen carefully

- Guess the meanings

- Read new words in churs and individually their copy down




- Play a game


- Do exercise in groups




- Give the prediction



- Listen to the tape & check the prediction

- Give the answers

- Copy down


- Read the text aloud


- Work in groups


- Demonstrate their ideas




4.  Consolidation

      -  Repeat the details about the schools in the USA and VN

      -  Repeat new words and structures

5.  Homework

      -  Learn by heart new words & structure by making sentences with them

      -  Make sentences with the part :remember.

      -  Do exerciseA 4 in work book P23.

*Adjustment: ………………………………………………………………………………

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