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Unit 4 : At school

Lesson 5 : B.<3-4-5> + Remember

Tiết 24

I. Objectives :

          By the end of the lesson , the students will be able to know the information about one of the world’s largest libraries though the text. They will review the prepositions of position and library vocabulary.

         Practice listening ,speaking and reading skills for Ss.

         Ss get:

1. Vocabulary

          -study area(n)                      -in the center of =in the middle of     

           -librarian,s desk

          - To receive (v)                    - To contain (v)

          - Employee (n)                    - Congress (n)

2. Grammar :

          - The present simple tense.


          Text book , tape, cassette,  pictures if have,sub-board

III. Teaching process:

1.Class organization:

2. New lesson:

T’s activities

Ss’ activities

  A. Warm up

- Greetings

- Have Ss play a game

         Noughts and Crosses

- Make example :

S1 : Where are the science books ?

S2 : They are on the shelves on the right

- Remark and lead in new lesson

B. New lesson:

B3. Listen : Where are they ?

*Pre listening

-Ask Ss to look at the chart in the library

-Give new words:

study area(n)          in the center of =in the middle.

librarian,s desk(n)

- Have Ss work in groups guessing the positions of the books in the library.

-Call on some representatives to speak about the positions of books.

* While listening

- Play the tape for Ss and ask them to check their predictions <2times>

- Call on some Ss to give their answers in front of the class

- Play the tape again and check the answer

-  Give the correct answer :

1.     Study  area

2.     Science + math

3: Geography

4 + 5 : Newspapers and magazines

     6+7 :  English

     8, Librarian’s desk

-Ask Ss to compare their predictions

* post listening

- Have Ss work in pairs asking and answering the positions of books

- Correct the mistakes


B4.. Read. Then answer

* Pre- reading

- Introduce the lesson then explain some new words

+ To reccive (v) : Nhận

+ Congress (n) : Quốc hội

+ To contain (v) : chứa đựng

+ Employee (n­) :  nhân viên

Checking technique : Rub out and remember

- Ask Ss to do exerise : T or  F prediction

1.     The library of Congress is in New york

2.     It receives copies of all E books

3.     There are over 100 million books in this library

4.     The shelves are about 300 km long.

5.      Over 5.000 people work in the library

- Ask some representatives to give their predictions


- Ask Ss to look at the text, read  silently  then check their predictions

- Call on some Ss to give the answer

1 - F       2 - F        3 - T         4 – F         5 - T

- Call on some students read the text in front of the class

- Correct their pronunciations

- Ask Ss to look at the text again then find out the answers for the question

- Have Ss play a game : Lucky numbers < The questions in the book >

1 – d

2  - Ln

3 – e

4 – b

5 – LN

6 – a

7 – c

- Ask Ss to write the answers in their notebooks

* Post_reading

- Ask Ss to compare their school library with the library of Congress

- Ask them to write the sentences

Ex : My school library in smaller than the library of Congress

- Greetings

- Play a game

- Play game in 2 groups

( Make questions and answers)


- Look at the chart carefully




- Work in groups to discuss the posotions

- Demonstrate their predictions


- Listen to the tape


- Give the results


- Listen to the tape

- Copy down







- Compare the predictions


- Work in pairs

S1 : Where are E books ?

S2 : They are on the shelves behind the librarian’s desk

- Listen carefully




- Listen and copy down


- Guess meanings read new words in chours and individually




- Work in groups to predict







- Give the predictions




- Read the text in silent and check the predictions


- Give the answers



- Read the text aloud



- Read the text and find the answers

- Play a game in groups answer the questions





- Write the answers


- Compare 2 libraries.


4. Consolation :

      - Ask Ss look at the remember and use the phrases of prepositions and pronouns to make sentences.

5. Home work :

      - Do exerciseB 4 at page 26 in work book

      - Prepare Unit 5 part A1.

*Adjustment: ………………………………………………………………………………

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