UNIT 5: Work and play P1 in class giáo án tiếng anh 7

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Unit 5 : Work and play

Lesson 1 : A - In class ( A1,2)

Giáo án tiết 26

I.  Objectives

          After the lesson, the students will be able to describe the work of a student  at school  . They use the present simple tense to talk about school subjects.

          Practice listening and reading skills for Ss.

          Educate Ss to study well.

II. Preparation

          Text book , cassette , tape .

III. Teaching process

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test:  Read  B4 then answer the questions in text book P49.

3.New lesson:


                    T’s activities

        Ss’ activities

A. Warm up :

- Greetings

- Ask Ss some questions

+ How many days a week do you go to school ?

+ What time do you go to school ?

+ What time do classes start ?

+ How many subjects do you learn ?

+ What is your favorite subject ?

àRemark then lead in new lesson

B. New lesson:

A1. Listen and read:

*Pre reading

- Introduce the lesson,then explain some new words

+to learn about (v)

+to use àhow to use

+computer science(n):tin hoc

+to be interested in =like

+A map(n):

+ An experiment:

-checking  new words.

             What and WHERE

* While reading

- Ask Ss to look at the books and listen to the tape(2 times)

- Have Ss read the text in silent

- Call on some students to read the text aloud

- Correct their pronunciation.


Classes                             What do to


Computer science



- ask Ss to read the text again then fill in the grids

- Ask Ss to exchange the results with their partners

- Call on one student to go to the board and write down

- Correct the mistake and give the correct answer

+ To learn how to use a computer

+ To study maps and learn how about different countries

+ To do some experiments

-Have Ss read the question and answer in the book

+ Model sentences:

S1: What does Mai do in her Geography class?

S2: She studies maps and learns about differentcountries.

S1: What is Mai ,s favorite class?

S2:Her favorite class is Computer science.

- Ask Ss to make 5 questions and answers about Mai

-  Have Ss work in pairs

-  Call on some pairs to askand answer in front of the class

-Correct the mistakes if necessary

*Post reading

- Ask Ss to work in pairs asking and answering about themselves,using the questions given

1)What time do your class start?

2) What do you learn at school?

3) What do you do in your computer science class?

4) What do you study in your geography class?

5) What is  your favorite  subject?

6)What time do your classes end?

- Call on some pairs to ask and answer in front of the class

- Ask Ss to based on the questions to write a passage


- Greetings

- Answer T’s questions










- Listen carefully

- guess meanings,read new  words in chorus and individually,then copy down in the notebooks



- Play game


- Look at the books and listen to the tape

- Read in silent

- Read the text aloud

- Complete the grids

- Do individually





- Exchange the results

- One students go to the board and writes

- Write down





- Read aloud








- make questions & answer


- Work in pairs

- Practice  in front of the class




- Work in pairs









- Write a passage

4. Consolidation:

    - Call on some students to read their writing

5. Homework:

    - Write the passage in the notebook

Work and play hoc tieng anh tieng anh lop 7 hoc tieng anh lop 7 học tốt tiếng anh lớp 7