UNIT 5: Work and play P2 giáo án tiếng anh 7

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Unit 5 : Work and play

Lesson 3 : A (3-4)

Giáo án tiết 27

I. Objectives

          By the end of the class, Ss will be able to know some words used to say about some subjects such as :technology, computer science; to talk about subjects in school what they are learned in each subject, using words :author, world event,graph ,pronoun...

 Practice listening  skill for Ss by  listening a passage to find out the information then matching  with the pictures and practice reading comprehension skill.

Educate Ss to love subjectives more.

II. Preparation

          Textbook , cassette , tape

III. Teaching process

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test:Ss work  in pair to ask and answer about themselves , using f,g,h,P53 text book.

3.New lesson:


T’s activities

Ss’ activities

A. Warm up :

- Greetings

- Play a game : lucky numbers

1.     What ‘s Ba ‘s favorite subject ?

2.     Lucky number

3.     Does Ba like other subject at school?

4.     What does Ba learn to do in Electronics class ?

5.     LN

6.     Is Ba good at fixing things ?

7.     What does Ba do in his freetime ?

8.     LN

9.     What’s your favorite subject ?

10.                        What do yo do in your freetime ?


B.New lesson

A4.Listen then write correct letters next to names

*Pre listening

- Introduce the aims of the lesson

- Ask Ss to look at the pictures and call the names of subject





- Ask Ss to guess what subject Ba and Hoa do on Saturday ?

-Call on some Ss to give then predictions

*While listening

- Ask Ss to listen to the tape and choose the right subjects Ba and Hoa do on Saturday

- Play the tape again , ask Ss  to write the letters next to the names

- Have Ss exchange the results with their parents

- Play the tape again for Ss to check their results

- Call on some Ss to give their answers

- Correct and give the correct answers

Ba : d,a,e

Hoa : c,b,e

* Post listening

- Have Ss answer the questions :

+ What subjects does Ba have on Saturday ?

+ What subjects does Hoa have on Saturday ?

A5. Read

* Pre reading

- Introduce the lesson to Ss

- Ask Ss some questins such as ;

+How many subjects do you study at school ?

+What do you study in each subject ?

+Which Subject do you like / dislike ?

                                                   Why ?

- Explain some new words for Ss

+ essay (n)                             + painting (n)= drawings

+ past >< present  (n)            + world event(n)

+ author (n)                           +    important (a)

+ temperature(n)

*While reading

- Have Ss read the passage in silence

- Call on some Ss to read the passage in front of the class

- Correct the pronunciation

- Make some questions then ask Ss to answer

+ What do you study in / literature ?

                                     / history ?

                                    /  Physics ?

                                   /  Geography ?

- Have Ss work in pairs asking and answering the content of the passage

- Correct the mistakes

- Have Ss look at the part of exercise then explain the aims of exercise to Ss

- Have Ss work in pairs reading and odding the words which are not suitable with each subject

- Call on some students to give the answers

- Correct the mistakes then give the correct answers

+ Literature : paitings

+ History : baseball games

+ Science : Preposition

+ English : England

*Post reading

- Ask Ss some questions about the  subjects

+ What do you study in literature ?

+ Do you learn to play baseball in history ?

- Have Ss put some more words in the subjects

- Remark




- Greetings

- Play a game







- 2 groups take part in the game







- Listen to the teacher

- Call the names of subjects

a/ Geography

b/ Physical education

c/ Computer science

d/ Technology

e/ Class activities

- Guess in groups


- Give the predictions


- Listen to the tape


- Listen and write down


- Exchange the results


- Listen to the tape and check

- Give the answers

- Write down




- Answer T’s questions


- Answer T’s questions



- Listen to the teacher

- Answer T’s questions





- Listen and write down






- Read the passage in silence

- Read the passage in front of

the class


- Answer T’s questions





- Work in pairs



- Listen to the teacher


- Do exercise in pairs









- Work in pair

4. Consolidation :

  - Ask Ss some questions about themselves

       + What subjects do you like ?

       + When do you have math ?

       + Do you think math is difficult or easy ?


5. Home work :

   - Do exercise A1, 3,4 at page 28 in workbook

   - Prepare part A 5, 6, 7 + remember

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