UNIT 5: Work and play P4 giáo án tiếng anh 7

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Unit 5 : Work and play

Lesson 4 : B - It’s time for  recess (B1-2)

Giáo án tiết 29


      By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to tell about activities at recess and review the present  progressive and present simple tenses.  

      Ss will practice reading and listening skills.

     Educate Ss to play sensibly.

II.Preparation :  Textbook , tape , cassetter , pictures

III. Teaching process

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test: Read A5  then answer the questions : what do you study in .....?

3. New lesson:


T’s activities

Ss’ activities

A. Warm up :

- Greetings

- Have Ss play agame :

                Noughts and crosses

- Ask Ss to make questions and answers

Ex : What do you learn in History class?

We learn about past and present events


B. New lesson

  B1. Listen and read :

* Pre reading

- Ask Ss to look at the picture and answer the questions

+ Where are the students ?

+ What are they doing ?

+ Do you like these games ?


- Ask Ss to listen to the tape .

- Explain some new words to Ss

+ Recess(n)

+ Bell (n)

+ Ring (v)

+ To chat (v)

+ To skip rope = skip

+ Blind man’s bluff (n)

+ Marbles (n) :

+ Catch(n) :

( Use pictures to introduce new wordds )

- Checking technique :

                  What and where

* While reading

- Remark

- Have Ss listen to the tape again & look at the book

- Call on some Ss to read the text aloud

- Ask Ss to complete the list :

Recess activities            The most popular activity

+ meeting friends



- Call on some Ss to complete the list








a. Work with a partner

- Revision of the present continues tense


- Ask Ss to look at the picture again then work in pairs asking anf answering about activities

- Make model

S1 : What is this boy doing ?

S2 : He is playing catch

+ What are these students doing ?

àThey are talking

- Call on some pairs to ask and answer in front of the class

- Correct the mistakes if have

-Ask Ss to write down in the notebooks

* Post reading

b. Ask and answer questions with a parter

- Explain the aims of the exercise to Ss

- Make model with a good student :

+ What do you usually do at recess ?

+  What do you usually do after school ?

- Have Ss work in pairs

- Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class

- Correct the mistakes if necessary

B2. Listen . Match each name to an activity

* Pre listening

- Explain the aims of the lesson :

Mai, Kien , Lan , Ba are at recess

- Review activities at recess

- Ask Ss to predict what activity each student is playing at recess.

- Call on 2 Ss to give their predictions.

-Ask Ss to listen to the tape and check the prediction.

*While listening

- Play the tape again for Ss to match.

- Have Ss exchange the result with a partner

- Call on some Ss to give the answers

- Correct and give the correct answers

+ Mai is playing catch

+ Kien is playing blind man’s bluff..

+ Lan is skipping rape

+ Ba is playing marbles

* Post listening : Tell about activities your classmates  usually do at recess.


- Greetings

- Play a game

2 groups take part in the game

- Listen carefully.






- Look at the picture carefully and answer T’s questions

+ They are in the yard

+ They are playing///

- Listen to the tape


- Listen

- Guess the meanings read new words in chrous and individually then copy down






- Play a game





- Listen to the tape


- Read the text aloud


- Complete the list :

* Recess activities :

+ Meeting friends :

+ Talking about…

+ Eating

+ Dringking

+ Chatting

+ Playing catch/ marbles/ blindman’s bluff

+ Skipping rope

The most popular activity

+ Talking

- Speak about the use, form of the present continues tense

S + to be + Ving

- Work in pairs







- Practice in front of the class



- Write in the notebook



- Listen to the teacher

- Answer T’s questions

àI usually play catch or talk with my friends

àI usually play soccer

-  Work in pairs

- Practice asking and answering aloud



- Listen to the teacher


- Read the activities in the books

- Predict.


- Give the prediction.

- Listen to the tape and check.



- Listen to the tape & match.

- Exchange the result

- Give the answers

- Copy down





- Work in group



4. Consolidation

- Repeat the activities at recess

5.  Home work

- Do exercise B1 at page 30 in workbook

- Prepare part B3,4,5 + Remeber


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