UNIT 5: Work and play P5 giáo án tiếng anh 7

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Unit 5 : Work and play

Lesson 5 : B3, 4, 5 + remember

I. Objectives :

          After the lesson , Ss will be able to know about activities at recess of American students. They continue practicing asking and answering about activities at recess

          Ss get :

1. Vocabulary

          - Pen pal (n)                       - Junior high school (n)

          - Energetic (adj)                - To swap (v)

          - To score goal                  - Portable (adj)

          - Earphone (n)                   - To relax(v)

2.Grammar :

    Review the present simple tense

    Practice reading comprehension skills for Ss.

    Educate Ss to play sensibly.

II. Preparation:

          Textbook , sub_board , tape , cassette

III. Teaching process

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test:    Read B1 then answer the teacher,s questions .

                     Do B1 in work book.

3. New lesson:

T’s activities


A. Warm up

- Greetings

- Have Ss play a game :     Slap the board

- Demonstrate the group which wins the game.

àLead in new lesson

B. New lesson

 B3. Read. Then answer the questions

* Pre reading

-  Ask Ss some questions about activities at recess in VN and in orther countries.

+ What do Vnamese students often do at recess ?


+ Do you know what students in other countries often do at recess? ( or in the USA)

+ What activities do you like ?

- Explain some new words to Ss

+ Pen pal (n) : bạn qua thư

+ Junior high school (n): trường THCS

+ senior high school(n ):

+ Energetic (adj) : Năng nổ, hiếu động

+ To score goal : Ghi bàn

+ Portable (adj): Có thể xách tay

+ Ear phones (n) : Tai nghe

+ To swap (v) : Trao đổi

+ To relax (v) : Thư giản

- Cheking technique : Rub out and remember

- Ask Ss to guess what students in the USA often do at recess

-Call on some Ss to give their opinions

* While reading

- Ask Ss to look at the book and listen to the tape in order to know exatly what American students often do at recess

- Have Ss read the text and list the activities the American students often do at recess

- Call on some students to give the answers

- Correct if necessary

- Call on some students to read the text in front of the class

- Correct their pronunciation

*Questions :

- Ask Ss to read the text again to find out the answers

- Have Ss Exchange the result with their partners

- Call on some Ss to give the answers

- Correct and give the correct answers

a.  Hoa’s penpal Tim goes to an American school

b.  A ( short )

c.  D (mostly boys )

d.  D (work wide >

* Post reading

Take a survey P58 text book

- Greetings

- Play game in 2 groups

( Each groups has 3 students to take part in the game )

- Clap hands

- Write down

- Answer T’s questions


- They often play catch (marbles) blind man’s bluff or talk , drink..


- Listen carefully




- Guess meanings , read new words in chorus and individually then copy down


- Play a game


- Guess


- Give the opinions


- Look at the book and listen to the tape


- Read the text and list the activities…

- Give the answers

+ Play basketball

+ Listen to music

+ Read

+ Swap baseball cards

+ eating & talking

- Read the text aloud




- Read the text and find out the answers

- Exchange the results

- Give the answers

- Copy down




_ Work in group of 4


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