UNIT 6: After school P1 what to do you do gián án tiếng anh lớp 7

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Unit 6 : After school

Lesson 1 : A - What do you to do ?(1)

Giáo án tiết 31

I. Objectives :

          After the lesson , Ss will be able to talk about activities after school and give an invitation ,  polite  requests using : should ,why don,t you..? ,let,s..

         Ss get:

1. Vocabulary :

           - To invite (v)                          - To practice (v)

           - To come along                       - Together

2. Grammar:

          - Let’s go to the cafeteria

          - Why don’t you come along ?

      Practice listening skills a dialogue for Ss.

      Educate Ss toknow how to communicate politely.

II. Preparation

          Textbook , tape , cassette .

III. Teaching process

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test:  Talk about the activities of  American students at recess.

3. New lesson:


T’s activities


A. Warm up

- Greetings

- Have Ss play a game:       Networks

- Have Ss go to the board and write down

- Demonstrate the group which miss the games

àLead the new lesson

B.New lesson :

A1. Listen .Then practice with a partner.

* Presentation

- Ask Ss some questions such as:

     What do you often do after school ?

- Ask Ss to look at the pictures and answer the question :

            What are they doing ?

- Have Ss listen to the tape

- Explain some new words and structures

+ To practice (v) : luyện tập

+ To come along : đi cùng

+ Together : cùng nhau

+ Let’s  /go to the cafeteria and get  a cold drink.

            / invite him

+ Why don’t you / come along ?

                           / play soccer ?

- Ask Ss to make sentences using the structures:

*. Practice:

- Have Ss look at the books and listen to the tape again

- Have Ss work in pairs reading the dialougue

- Call on some pairs to read the dialogue in front of the class

- Correct their pronunciation

- Answer :

- Ask Ss to read the dialogue again to find out the answers

- Have Ss work in pairs asking and answering the questions

- Call on some pairs to ask and answer in front of the class

- Correct the mistakes and give the correct answers then ask Ss to write down

a.  She’s doing her math home work

b. They are going to get a cold drink in the caferia

c.  He’s in the music room

d.  He’slearning to play the guitar

e. He usually meets his friends

f. She likes playing volleyball

* Production

- Ss say requests and invitations, using the just learnt structures.


- Greetings

- Play a game

- 2 groups take part in the game

- Go to the board & write

- Answer T’s questions

- I often play soccer…

- Look at the pictures and answer:

- They are playing volleyball

- They are  doing their homework


- Listen to the tape

- Listen carefully

- Read new words in chorus and individually then copy down

_Make sentences

+ Let’s / go to the cinema

             / Play volley ball

+ Why don’t you / relax ?  

                             / play catch ?


- Listen to the tape


- Work in pairs

- Practice reading the dialogue




- Read the dialogue and find the answers

- Work in pairs


- Practice asking and answering

- Copy down









- Make sentences



4.Consolidation :  What do you do after school ?

                            What sports do you like playing?

5. Home work :

 - Write the answers in part A1 in the notebook. Make 5 questions with each structure

 - Do exerciseA 1 at page 33 in workbook,repare A2


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