UNIT 6: After school P2 gián án tiếng anh lớp 7

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Unit 6: After school

Lesson 2: A-(2)

Giáo án tiết 32

I. Objectives:

       After the lesson,Ss will be able to use adverbs of frequency with the present simple tense for after-school activities

Ss get :

1. Vocabulary:

         Revision adverbs of frequency: Always,usually,sometimes,often,never

2. Grammar:  

        Review:the present simple tense.

        Ss can talk about their activities after school.

        Practice speaking skills for Ss.

        Educate Ss to play sensibly.



III. Teaching process

1.Class organization

2.Oral test:  Read A1 then answer the questions P61 text book.


                           T’s activities


A.Warm up:


_Have Ss review the old lesson by playing a game called slap the board

_Read these words in Vietnamese


+Read a book

+Watch T.V

+Play computer games

+Play soccer

+Go to the movie

_give the result and remark.

B.New lesson


a.Look at these activities .Label the pictures.

_Ask SS to look at the pictures in the books carefully

_Have Ss call the names of the pictures


_Call on someSs to give the answers

_Correct and give the corect answers:

1/Reading/studying in the library

2/Swimming in the pool

3/Playing computer games

4/Going to a movie

5/Playing soccer

6/Watching T.V

_Have Ss work in pairs asking and answering about the pictures

_Make model

  What are these students doing?

   They are reading in the library

* Practice

_Call on some pairs to practice in front of the cllass as the model.


b/Ask Ss the questions

  What do you usually do after school?

 - Repeat the uses of the adverbs of frequency.

_Have Ss play a game:

            Noughts and crosses




Go swimming




Play computer games



Go to the library





Play soccer




Sometimes play computer games



Go to a movie





Watch T.V






Play tennis


Do homework




_Ask Ss to use adverbs in the box to write a sentences for each day of the week




_Have Ss Work in pairs asking and answering

_Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class

_Remark and correct the mistakes

Now ask and answer question,using

  “How often……?”

_Make example with a student

+How often do you go to the library?

_Have Ss work in pairs asking and answering,using the pictures in the book

_Call on some pairs to pratce in front of the class

_Correct the mistake if necessary.

* Production: Talk about your after-school





_Play a game slap the board

_Slap in E words


_2 groups take part in the game









_Look at the pictures carefully

_Call the names of the pictures

_Give the answers








_Work in pairs






_Practice in front of the class



_Listen to the teacher than answer

I usually play soccer

_Play a game in 2 groups.




_Make questions and answers with the cues



















_Write sentences

+ On Monday, I usually go to the library

+ On Tuesday , I often play socer with my friend


_Work in pairs


_Practice in front of





_Answer T’s questions

àI always go to the library after school

_Work in pairs

_Practice in front of the class



4.Consolidation: How often do you /your friends.........?



your friend

play  soccer



do exercises



play volleyball



5. Home work

_Do exercise 2 at page 33 in work book

_Prepare part 3,4.


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