UNIT 6: After school P3 giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7

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Unit 6 : After school

Lesson 3 : A_3, 4, 5 +remember


Giáo án tiết 33

I. Objectives :

          After the lesson , Ss will be able to read a text for details about pastime activities, widen the vocabulary to the other activities such as : acting ,theater,stamp,collection.

Ss get:

1. Vocabulary

   _Sporty                   _A comic                       _A president

   _An anmversary celebration                         _Collect

   _ collector              _rehearse                        _collection

2. Grammar 


             _The present simple tense

             _The progresstive tense

  Practice reading and listening skills for Ss.

  Educate Ss to play sensibly.


        Textbook , tape , cassette,sub-board

III. Teaching process

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test:  S1: Answer the teacher,s questions with “How often”

                    S2: Do A2 in work book.

3.New lesson:

               T’s activities

         S’s activities

A. Warm up


_Have Ss play a game

             Guessing game

_Ask Ss to write sentences about the activities which they play after school

Ex : I usually play soccer after school

_Ask one student to go to the board and their friends guess


B. New lesson

 A3. Read. Then answer

* Pre reading

_Have Ss look at the pictures and guess what the students are doing

_Call on some students to give their prediction

+ Explain some new word :

+ Sporty (adj)     + an anniversary celebration

+ Comic (n)        +  rehearse (v)

+ a president      + a collection

+ To collect (v)  + collector(n)

 + acting(n)        + pastime(n)

_Have Ss read new words in chorus and individually

_checking technique

          What and where

_Have Ss do an exercise

   True or False prediction :

1.     Nga, Ba and Nam are students in class 


2.     They like sprots very much

3.     Nga’s favorite pastime is jogging

4.     Ba like collecting stamps

5.     Nam plays soccer ecery afternoon

6.     Nam usually watches T.V

_Have Ss work in groups to give their predictions

_Call on some groups to give their predictions

*While reading

_Ask Ss to look at the book and read the text silently

_Ask Ss correct the exercise

_Correct then give the correct answer

1 – T          3 – F            5 – F

2 – F          4 – T            6 – T

_Call on some Ss to read the passage


_Correct their pronunciation

_Ask Ss to look at the questions and read the passage again to find out the answers

_Have Ss work in pairs

_Call on some pairs to ask and answer in front of the class

_Correct the mistakes and give the correct answers

a/ Her theater group is rehearsing a play for the school anniversary celebration

b/ He gets American stamps from Liz , his American friends

c/ The stamp collector’s club meets on Wednesday afternoons

d/ Nam never plays games

* post reading

_Ask Ss some more questions:

+ What does Nga like doing after school ?

+ What do Ba and his friends often do on Wednesday afternoon ?

+ What do Ba and his friends often do after school hours ?

  A4. Listen .Match each name to an activity

* Pre listening

_Introduce the aims of the exercise

_Ask Ss to read the names and activities

_Give new word:tidy(v)

_Ask Ss to give their predictions

*While listening

_Have Ss listen to the tape (2 times )

_Call on some Ss to give the results

_Play the tape again to check the answers

_Correct and give the correct answer:

A – Mai – go to the school cafeteria

B – Nam – rehearse a play

C – Ba – go to the circus

D – Lan – watch movie

E – Kien – tidy the class room

* Post listening

_Ss work in group ,make the dialogue again.



_Play a game

_Write sentences

_Guess what their friends do after school

Ex : Do you play volleyball after school ?




_ Look at the picture and guess

_Give the prediction


_Listen and write down




Guess meaning, read in chorus and individually then copy down



_Play a game

_Do exercise in groups









_Work in groups

_Give the predictions




_Read in silence


_Correct the exercise




_Read the passage loudly



_Find out the answers


_Work in pairs

_Practice asking and answering

_Copy down










_Answer T’s questions









_Listen carefully


_Give the prediction


_Listen to the tape

_Give the results

_Check the answers

_Write down







_ Make the dialogue.

4. Consolidation :

   _Repeat the activities after school hours

  _Ask Ss to write a paragraph about after school activities, using matching


5. Home work:

  _Do exerciseA3, 4 at page 34,35 in work book

  _ Prepare B1 in text bookP64.

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