UNIT 6: After school P4 let's go giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7

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Unit 6 : After school

Lesson 4 : B.Let’s go < 1 >

Giáo án tiết 34

I. Objectives

          By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to make/give suggestions and accept or refuse the suggestions…

Ss get:

1. Vocabulary :

    Assignment (n)                   Fun (adj)

2. Structure :

     _Let’s + V                           _Responses :    _Yes, let’s

     _What about + Ving ?                                  _Good idea / ok

     _Why don’t / we                                           _Sorry, I can’t

                   / you

  Practice skils to work in groups for Ss.

  Educate Ss to study and relax sensibly.

II.Preparation:      Text book , tape , cassette , picture , sub_road

III. Teaching process

1.Class organization:

2.Oral test:



              T’s activities


A. Warm up


_Ask Ss some questions about themselves

+ What do you usually do after the school ?

+ Do you like playing soccer ?

+ Do you usually / go to the movie ?

                           / play games ?

+ How often do you go to the movie ?



B. New lesson :

  B1. Listen then practice in groups of four


_Introduce the situation of the dialogue : Ba , Nam , Lan and Hoa are discussing about / What they should do to relax

/ How they should relax

_Have Ss look at the picture and guess what activities they are talking

_Call on some Ss to give their predictions

_Play the tape for Ss (2 times )


_Call on one student to give the answer

_Introduce some new words and structures:

+ Assignment (n) = home work

+ Fun (adj)

+ Suggestions :

   + Let’s go to my house

                go to Lan’s house

+ Why don’t you relax ?

+ What about going to the movie ?

=>What about+v-ing?=Let,s+v     

    Why don,t you+v?=S+should+v

   Let,s +v!

*Answer for suggestions:

(+)Yes, let,s./That is a good idea./sound great/Ok .It,llbe much fun.

(-)No, let,s not/No ,Idon,t think it,s a good idea/Sorry, I,d rather not.

_Have Ss practice the dialogue in front of the class

_Call on some groups to practice in front of the class

_Correct the pronunciation

* Practice

_Now answer :

_Ask Ss to read the dialogue again to find out the answers for questions

_ Have Ss work in pairs

_ Call on some pairs to ask and answer in front of the class

_Correct then give the correct answers

a/ Nam wants to go to the movies

b/ Lan does n’t want to go to the movies because there aren’t any good movies at the moment

c/ Lan wants to listen to some music at her house

d/ Hoa does n’t want to go to Lan’s house because she has too many assignments

e/ It’s Saturday


_Say invitations/suggestions , using given words :

1/ Let’s / listen / music

2/ What / Watch / movie

3/ Why / join us

4/ What / go / cafeteria

5/ Why / study / library

Make model :

S1 : Let’s listen to some music

S2 : Yes , let’s good idea

_Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class

_Correct the mistakes if necessary



_Answer T’s questions



_Listen carefully






_Give the predictions

_Listen to the tape

_Look at the books

_Give the answer

_Listen and write down


Read in chours and individually. Write down. Make sentences with structures











_Practice the dialogue



_Practice in front of the class




_Read the dialogue then find out the answers

_Work in pairs

_Practice asking and answering aloud

_Copy down












_Practice in pairs







_Practice in front of the class




_Listen & make a dialogue



4. Consolidation

_Give a mapped dialogue then ask Ss to make a dialogue using given words & phrases


  Your friend

What..do..afternoon ?


Not good movie

Mai’s house


Too far…not have a bike

…take a bus

5. Home work

  _Make & sentences for each structures

  _Do exercise 1 at page 35 in work book,prepareB2.

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