UNIT 6: After school P5 giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7

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Unit 6 : After school

Lesson 5 : B_ (2)

Giáo án tiết 35


          After the lesson , Ss will be able to know a magazine survery about the most popular activities of American teenagers  in their free time, Ss know to talk about  their activities in their free time.

          Ss get:

1. Vocaulary

    _Teenager              _Musical instrument                  _Model

    _Organization        _Scout                                        _Guide         _Coin

2. Structure :

       Revision : Present simple tense

       Practice reading comprehension skills for Ss.

       Educate Ss to relax sensibly.

II.Preparation :   cassette, tape,

III. Teaching process

1. Class organization

2. Oral test:

3. New lesson:

        T’s activities

        S’s activities

A. Warm up


_Have Ss play a game:


Have 6 cards

<1> What about

<2> Why don’t

<3>  Let’s

<4>  Collect stamps

<5>  Going to the circus ?

<6>  You study in the library


B.New lesson

*Pre reading

_Ask Ss to list the activities that teenagers like  doing in their free time

_Explain some new words to Ss

+ Teenager (n) :

+ Musical mstrument (n) : Nhạc cụ

+ Model (n) : mẫu

+ Scout (n) : Hướng đạo sinh

+ Guide (n) :

+ Coin (n) : Tiền xu

+ Organization (n) : Tổ chức

_Checking technique

 Rub out and remember

_Ask Ss to predict what American (students) teenagers like to do in their free time

_Call on some students to give then predictions

_Ask Ss to look at the pictures in the book and call the names of these activities

*While reading

_Ask Ss to look at the book and read the text in silence

_Have Ss give the names of activities

_Ask them to compare with their predictions

_Remark and call some students to read the text aloud

_Give some comprehension questions:

1/ Which of the activities in the list for  American teenagers  do you think are also popolar among Vnamese teenagers ?

2/ Are there many kinds of entertainment for teenagers in VN ? What are they ?

3/ What organizations are there for teenagers in VN ?

_Call on some Ss to give the answers

_Correct the mistakes

*Post reading

_Ask Ss to discuss in groups of four

_Have Ss ask their friends what they like doing in their free time, then make a list of their groups favorite leisure activities in front of the class

_Call on some groups to read about their group’s favorite leisure activities aloud

_Remark then give the most popular activity of the students in class

_Compare with the activities of American teenagers



_Play a game


2 groups take part in the game

_List the activities

_Listen carefully

_Guess meanings , read new words in chours and individually

Copy down

_Play a game

 Rubout & remember


_Give the prediction

_Call the names of activities

+ Eating and drinking
+ Playing the guitar

+ Going shopping

+ Watching T.V

+ Collecting things

+ Helping old people


_Read in silence


_Give names



_Read aloud



+ Watching T.V

+ Listening to music

+ Going to the movie

+ Helping old people








_Give the answers



_Work in groups

_Make a list of the group’s favorite leasure activities




_Some groups read aloud


4. Consolidation:

     _Repeat the top ten most popular activities of American teenagers


    _Learn by heart 10 most popular activities

    _Do exerciseB 2 at page 35 in work book

    _Prepare part B3

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