UNIT 6: After school P6 giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7

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Unit 6 : After school

Lesson 6 : B. (3,4,5) + Remember

Giáo án tiết 36

I. Objectives :

          By the end of the lesson, Ss  know how to make an  invitation,to receive and refuse an invitation,using: Would you like...?+Yes, I,d love to./It,s my pleasure/You are welcome . Ss get:

1. Vocabulary

          Wedding (n)      

2. Structure :

   _Would you like to…?       _Why don’t you?         _What about….?

   Yes, I’d love to   / That would be great fun/ I ‘d love to but I’m sorry I can’t

           Practice skills to read a dialogue in pair.

           Educate Ss to communicate fluently in real context.

II. Preparation:   

       Textbook , tape , cassette

III. Teaching process:

1. Class organization:

2. Oral test:  Name the activities American teenagers like best.

3. Newlesson:

                       T’s activities

                    Ss’ activities

A.Warm up :


_Ask Ss some questions :

a.     Do you ussually use invitation?

b.      In which occasions do you use these invitations?

c.      How do you accept or refuse the invitation?

àLead in to new lesson

B. New lesson

  B3. Listen then practice with a partner .

Make similar dialogue


_Introduce the invitation

+ Would you like to…?(The most popular invitation)

àAccept the invitation

Yes, I’d love to

That would be great fun

àRefuse the invitation

I’d love to but I’m sorry I can’t

_>Answer for thank

: you are welcome/It,s my pleasure.

_Make examples :

Would you like to have a drink ?

Yes, I’d love to

_Have Ss make some sentences as model



_Ask Ss to look at the dialogue and listen to the tape  (two times )

_Have Ss work in pairs reading the dialogue

_Call on some pairs to role play the dialogue in front of the class

_Correct their pronunciation


_Have Ss make similar dialogues based on the dialogue

_Have Ss work in pairs

_Call on some pairs to practice in front of the class

_Correct the mistakes for Ss


 -Make invitations,receive and refuse invitation  with your friends


_answer teacher’s questions ( Ss can answer the questions in VN )


_Listen to the teacher


_Write down






_Make sentences

+ Would you like to go to the movie with me ?

àI’d love to but I’m sorry I can’t

_Listen to the tape

_Work in pairs

Practice reading the dialogue in front of the class




_Make similar dialogue


_Work in pairs

_Practice in front of the class


-Make a dialogue with your friends


4. Consolidation

    _Repeat the structures of invitation ,receive and refuse invitation.

6. Home work: 

     Do B1 P36in workbook

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