Unit 7 : The world of work P2 a student work giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7

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Unit 7 : The world of work

Lesson 1: A.-A student’s work (1)


Giáo án tiết 39

I.Objectives :

After the lesson, Ss will be able to talk about a student’s work and review present simple tense .

Ss get:

1. Vocabulary :

   _Hour (n)           _To last (v)           _work hard(v)          _Lateàlater

   _Early àEarlier                             _Few àFewer         

2. Grammar

     Structure : that takes about 2 hours each day.

     Practice listening and repeating skills a dialogue.

     Educate Ss to work hard.


        Textbook , tape , cassette

III. Teaching process :

1. Classorganization

2. Oraltest:

       Say what you will do .




            HỌC SINH

A. Warm up :


_Ask some questions about themselves

+ What time do your classes start ?

+ What time do they finish ?

+ How many hours a day do you do your home work?

àRemark and lead in new lesson :

B.New lesson :

* Prereading

_Introduce the lesson “ You wil hear a cowersation between Hoa and her uncle about school work “

_Explain some new words :

+ An hour (n)             + To last (v)

+ Hard(adv)               + Late àLater

+ Early àearlier       + Few àfewer

_Have Ss play a game

      Rubout and remember

_Have Ss predict the answers ,using questions a,b,c,d

a/ What time do Hoa’s classes start and finish?

b/ Do your classes start earlier or later ?

c/ How many hours a day does Hoa do her homework ?

d/ Do you work fewer  hours than Hoa ?

_Ask Ss to work in groups

_Call on some representatives to give their predictions

_Presentation dialogue

_Have Ss look at the books and listen to the tape


_Ask them to read the dialogue  again and check their preditions


_Have Ss work in pairs reading the dialogue

_Call on some pairs to role play the dialogue in front of the class

_Correct the pronunciation

* While reading


_Ask Ss to work in pairs asking and answering the questions

_Call on some pairs to practice asking and answering the questions in front of the class

_Correct the mistakes and give the correct answers

a/ Her classes start at 7 o’clock

b/ They finish at a quarter past eleven

c/ She does her home work 2 hours a day

d/ She will visit her parents on their farm during her vacation

_Explain the structure

   That takes about 2 hours each day

= It takes Hoa about 2 hours to do her home work each day

àIt takes Sb+ time to  do ST

_Ask Ss to give examples

_Do you work fewer hours than Hoa.

ð   S1+V1+fewer +Ns +than+ S2

ð   Ask Ss to give examples

*Post reading

_Ask Ss to work in pair to answer e,f,g


_Answer T’s questions

àThey start at......

They finish at........

_Listen carefully

_Listen and write down

_Guess meanings, read in chours and individually copy down

-Play game

_Predict the answers







-Work in groups

_Give the predictions


_Look at the book & listen to the tape

_Read the dialogue and check the prediction



_Work in pairs

_Practice the dialogue in front of the class



_Work in pairs



_Practice in front of the class


_Copy down








_Listen carefully and write down



_Make examples



_ work in pair


4. Consoldation: A student,s work.

5. Home work : in work book.

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