Unit 7 : The world of work P3 giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7

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Unit 7 : The world of work

A_ (2,3)

Giáo án tiếng anh 7 tiết 40

I. Objectives

          By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to compare American students’vacations and Vietnamese students’ vacations. Praticing reading skills

Ss get:

1. Vocabulary

_To celebrate (v)                    _Easter (n)                         _Thanks giving(n)

_New year ‘s Eve (n)                  _Chistmas(n)

2. Grammar 

_Review      _The present simple tense

                   _Comparative with fewer/more

II. Preparation:

          Textbook_tape, cassette

III. Teaching process:

1. Classorganization

2. Oraltest: Read A1 then answer the questions P73 in text book.

3. Newlesson:



A. Warm up


_Have Ss play a game :


Early/ late/ longer/ few/ long / earlier / later / fewer

_Devide the class into 2 groups

_Ask them to play game


B. New lesson

  A2. Read. Then answer the questions.

* pre reading

_Introduce the situation of the lesson

_Present some new words:

+ To celebrate (v) : tổ chức, kỉ niệm

+ Easter (n)

+ Thanksgiving (n)

+ New year’s Eve (n)

+ Chistmas (n)

_Correct their pronunciation

_Checking technique

_Have Ss play games        

           What and Where

_Ask Ss to do exercise T or F before reading the letter

1/ Vnamese students have fewer vacation than American students

2/ American students have the longest vacation in winter

3/ They don’t have a Tet holiday

4/ their most important vacation is New year’s day

5/ They usually spend their time with their families on Thanks giving and Chirstmas Day

_Call on some groups to give their predictions

_Ask Ss to look at the book and read the letter

_Ask them to check their predictions

_Call on some Ss to give the answers in front of the class

_Correct and give the correct answers

1 – T  2 – F 3 - T

4 – F  5 – T

* While reading

_Call on 2 à3 students to read the letter aloud

_Explain the structure:

S1+V1+fewer +countable plural noun+ than+S2.

S1+V1+more+ uncountable noun/countableplural noun+ than +S2.

_Questions :

_Have Ss work in pairs

_Call on some pairs to practice asking and answering in front of the class

_Correct the mistakes and give the correct answers

a/ Summer vacation is the longest in America

b/ During his vacation, Tim spends time with his family

c/ Vnamese students have fewer vacations than American students

*Post reading

_ Ask Ss to work in pair saying about some public holidays in Vietnam: May Day ,National /Independence Day , Tet holiday.

_Listen carefully


_Guess meanings, read new words in chorus and individually àcopy down






_Play games


_Do exercise




_Work in groups predicting the statements T or F





_Give the precdictions

_Read the letter

_Check the predictions

_Give the answers






_Read the letter aloud

_ give examples






_Work in pairs

_Practice in front of the class

_Copy down








_ Work in pair.

4. Consolidation

    _Ask Ss to repeat (about) the names of the public holidays in American and Vnamese

5. Home work

   _Learn by heart new words by writing 2 times for each

   _Prepare part 4

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