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Unit 7 : The world of work

Lesson 4: A_ (4 ) + Remember

Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 7 tiết 41

I. Objectives

          After the lesson , Ss will be able to know about  names of the public holidays and a typical student’s life. They will continue practicing reading comprehension skills.

Ss get:

1. Vocabulary

       -study hard(v)          -definitely(adv)          _ review(v)               _Typical(a)

       _Keen(a)                  _Lazy(a)                     _Period(n)                _ take a look(v)

2. Grammar

          Review : _The present simple tense

                        _Comparative with few/many

II. Preparation:

          Text book , tape , cassette

III. Teaching date :

1. Classorganization

2. Oraltest: Read then answer the questionsP74 in workbook.

3. Newlesson




A. Warm up :


_Have Ss play a game

                    Net work


_Devide the class into 2 groups

_Call on 2 students represent for their groups to go to the board and write down


B. Newlesson

B3. Listen. Write the name of the public  holiday in each of these pictures.

* pre listening

_Ask Ss to look at the pictures carefully

_Ask Ss to predict the name of each picture

_ Give new words:

firework display(v),stay up(v)

* While listening

_Play the tape for Ss ( 2times)

_Compare the note with your friends,.


_Call on some Ss to give their answers in front of the class

_Correct and give the correct answers

a/ Thanhs giving       b/ Independence Day

c/ New year’s Eve    d/ Chistmas

*Post listening

_Discuss in group about public holidays in Vietnam.

A4.Read. Then answer the questions .

* Pre_reading

_Ask Ss some questions about them selves

+ What do you do every day ?

+ How many hours a day do you study ?

+ Do you have to do a lot of home work ?

+  Introduce the situation of the lesson

_Explain some new words

+ period(n)           + To review

+ Typical(a)         + Keen(a)

+ Lazy(a)             + To take a look

+ Definitely(adv)

_Have Ss play a game: slap the board.


_Ask Ss to predict the information about Hoa

1/ Hoa goes to school __day a week

2/ She has__periods aday

3/ She works __hours a week

4/ She has about__ hours of  home work every week

5/ Before test , she works __hours a week

_Have Ss work in groups

_Call on some representativies to give the predictions

*While reading

_Ask Ss to look at the books and listen to the tape

_Ask them to read the text in silence and check their prediction

_Call on some Ss to give the answers

_Correct and give the correct answers

1/ 6 days         2/ 5 period         3/ 20 hours

4/ 12 hours     5/ 45 hours

_Call on 3 à4 students to read the text aloud

_Correct their pronunciation


_Ask Ss to read the text again & find out the answers

_Have Ss play a game : Lucky numbers

1/ Why do some people think that students have an easy life ?

2/ Lucky number

3/ Does Hoa have to work at home ?

4/ Lucky number

5/ How many hours a week do you work ?Is that more or fewer hours  than hoa?

6/ Lucky number

7/ How many hours a week does Hoa work ?Is this fewer than most workers ?

8/ Does the writer think students are lazy?



_Discuss in group :

+ What do you think of a students life ?



_Play a game






_2 students go to the board and write







-Look at the pictures then predict

-Write down



-Listen carefully

-Compare the answer with your friends

-Give the answers in front of the class.

-Write down




-Discuss in group.




_Listen to the teacher

_Listen carefully




_Guess meanings, read new words in chorus and individually , then copy down


_Play game


_Predict the information about Hoa






_Work in groups

_Give the predictions



_Listen to the tape


_Read & check the prediction


_Give the answers



_Read the text aloud



_Read the text then find put the answers

_Play game in groups




_Answer the questions based on the text






_Answer T’s questions



_ Discuss in group then answer in front of the class.

4. Consolidation:  

      A typical student,s work in grade 7

5. Home work


    Write the answer in the notebooks

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